Rycote NANO SHIELD Windshield System

735.00 USD



The Nano Shield has been designed to provide excellent wind protection and acoustic transparency for capturing clean audio. The entire kit incorporates several patented designs including advanced Lyre® shock mounts which are more compliant for lighter microphones and a mounting bar with swivel arm that requires no tools to make adjustments or swap-out Lyre mounts.

There are SIX Nano Shield Kits available for the shortest condenser microphones (SCHOEPS CMC 1) through the most popular mid-length shotguns (MKH 416, CMIT 5, DPA, Sanken etc). Interchangeable basket halves that allow you to change the size of the blimps by swapping out baskets without the need to buy an entire new kit.

Lightweight Hexagonal Design

  • 30% lighter than standard kits
  • Smaller overall footprint
  • Improved acoustic transparency, less high frequency loss
  • Oval shape w/ non-parallel sides offers better wind protection with less internal resonance
  • Interchangeable basket halves to ‘mix-n-match’ for almost any sized microphone
  • Removable and interchangeable grey / black sock

‘No Tools Needed’ Mounting Bar,Swivel Arm & Lyre Mounts

  • Patented mounting bar design with a ‘turn-to-tighten’ thumbwheel that locks the Lyre mic mounts to bar and locks the bar to the swivel arm
  • Friction braking swivel arm allows adjustment by hand whilst keeping angle locked in place
  • 360-degree movable XLR holder is also reversible to provide space for transmitters to point away from boom pole and direct cabling to point inward toward boom pole
  • Kit includes two swivel arm adaptors – for PCS connections and 3/8” thread for boom-mounting and PCS ergonomic handle

Advanced Low-Profile XLR Cable with Integrated Switchable Low-Cut Filter

  • Low profile XLR-3F connection
  • RF filter built-in
  • Switchable 80Hz low-cut included with kits