Remote Audio NiteLite

Remote Audio NiteLite


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Product Description

We often find ourselves working in the dark, feeling for knobs and settings we need to check or adjust quickly. Well, you can now take that mini-light out of your mouth and get the Remote Audio NiteLite (18″ Flexible steel tubing with bright white LED lamp).

The NiteLite was designed for use with the Remote Audio BDS system, to light up an ENG audio bag in the dark. Attached to a custom made flexible steel tube that stays where you put it, the wide dispersion lens spreads an even beam of white light over a typical ENG audio bag.

With a current draw of less than 30mA @ 12V DC, its battery consumption is insignificant. It operates on 9V to 18V DC. The NiteLite can be plugged directly into the Remote Audio BDS (Battery Distribution System) box. If ordered with the common 4-pin HRS power connector (for an additional $25), it can plug directly into the PSC and SQN portable mixers, and onto the back power tap of many camcorders. Also available with TA-4M (miniature XLR 4-pin), XLR-4M (full-size XLR 4-pin male), and BNC connectors.