Radius RAD Mic Clips

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Radius RAD Mic Clips — Fits mics 19-25 mm in diameter. The mic clips are soft-coated on the inside and fit on all styles of RAD mount isolation hoops.

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Radius RAD Mic Clips

Radius RAD Mic Clips — Mic clips for RAD shock mounts. Soft-coated on the inside. Fits on all styles of RAD mount isolation hoops.

This product page is for the clips only. Does not include hoops (sold separately).

Available Versions:

  • Universal (Fits mics 19-25 mm in diameter–available with Light Blue or Grey soft grip)
  • MKH 50 (Squared-shaped clips, for use with Sennheiser MKH 50)
  • 8mm (For use with SCHOEPS CMC 1 L or CCM 41 L)
  • 12.5mm (For use with TetraMic and LOM Uši)
  • 19/20mm (No soft grip or safety strap; recommended for static on-stand use)