Point Source X-Connector

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Point Source versatile Interchangeable X-Connectors secure with locking “teeth” to give added confidence to the connection. X-Connectors offer a rapid and inexpensive way to quickly change your microphone wireless termination from one brand to another. More importantly, spares can offer no-hassle repair on-site.

  • XATcW: 4-pin Hirose X-connector for Audio-Technica cW style
  • XATcH: 4-pin Hirose X-connector for Audio-Technica cH style
  • XAK: 3-pin mini X-connector for AKG wireless
  • XPH: 3.5mm stereo X-connector for CTIA compliant computers and mobile phones
  • XLE: 5-pin mini X-connector for Lectrosonics
  • XMP: 4-pin mini-XLR X-connector with locking ring for MiPro and Beyerdynamic Opus & TG Black switch
  • XSE: 3.5mm locking X-connector for Sennheiser EW Series
  • XSH: 4-pin mini X-connector for Shure, Line 6, JTS, Trantec, Carvin and Beyerdynamic TG Gray switch
  • XSK: Lemo-style 3-pin X-connector for Sennheiser SK, Lectrosonics SSM, Shure UR1M, Sony DWT-B03R, Zaxcom and WisyCom
  • XSY: 3.5mm locking X-connector for Sony UWP-D
  • XTX: 4-pin mini X-connector for Telex
  • YSK: Two microphone combiner for Point Source Audio Lemo-style terminated microphones
  • YSH: Two microphone combiner for Point Source Audio TA4F Shure-terminated microphones
  • X-CON-EXT: SERIES8 X-Connector Extender Cable. 2ft. extended
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