Point Source CM-i3 Audio Headset w/Dynamic Mic

335.00 USD

The world’s first modular in-ear headset just received another first The CM-i3 intercom headset has a patented slim-line design with removable earphones now updated with a detachable feature to easily separate the earphone from the cable.

NOTE: The CM-i3 does not require external power



What’s New?

  • EM-X Earphone (included) detaches from cable and the head frame
  • Swap for personal in-ears or replace to maintain hygiene
  • Same incredibly miniature condenser element
  • Push-to-Talk option provides the missing link to Motorola radios

Benefits of an In-Ear headset

Point Source comms headset has been popular in concert venues, front of house operations, multimedia production and other professional trades relying on convenient two-way communications.

Imagine the ease of listening to your comms feed in one ear while picking up ambient sounds in the other. It’s possible by simply letting one of the earphones dangle. You never have to lift more than a finger to change your listening mode.

Who Are the Pros Going “All In”?

Across all industries from sports to space to safety, professional users on comms in loud environments are switching to a personalized in-ear intercom headset to lower the volume and raise the clarity.

Headset Features

  • Condenser microphone element
  • In-ear design eliminates fatigue
  • Weighs less than 1oz.
  • 12dB off-axis noise rejection
  • Detachable earphones
  • Kink-free cable design
  • Works with iPhones and iPads
Earphone Specifications  
Speaker type: Single driver
Sensitivity: 96dB SPL@1VRMS (at 1 kHz)
Impedance: 16Ω
Color: Transparent gray with gray cable
Cable length (total): 1.2 Meters
L/R cable: 50cm
Input connector: 3.5mm
Transducer housing: Molded plastic with male MMCX connector
Accessories: 3 sizes of eartips
Microphone Specifications  
Element: Dynamic (self-powered)
Directional characteristics: Cardioid Noise-Cancelling
Sensitivity: -83dB 1V/Pa
Frequency: 200Hz - 10kHz
Impedance: 200Ω
Cable length: 4 Feet (1.2 Meters)