Orca OR-1000-1 Aluminum Lift System for Audio Bags

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Product Description

The new Orca aluminum lift system was designed to mount most of the portable field sound mixers available on the market

The aluminum lift system can be used with most orca mixer bags (OR-27|28|30|32|34|41|48|49|280) mounted on the internal divider or the Orca sturdy frame. The system allows any user to customize and fit the position of the mixer inside the Orca sound bag.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, made from aluminum (Only 100gram)
  • Easy to mount and fully adjustable
  • Strong and durable

Width ( Lower Spring )

  • Open 6cm / 2.36″
  • Close 3.2cm / 1.26″

Width ( Upper Spring )

  • Open 2cm / 0.79″
  • Close 1cm / 0.4″


  • Open 18cm / 7.86″
  • Close 12cm / 4.72″


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