Magliner Junior Modified with 18in Shelves

1,263.00 USD

Magliner Junior (Modified) with 30″ HD Nose, 8″ Wheel Conv. Kit (Narrow), 18″ Top Shelf, 18″ Bottom Shelf


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The Magliner Junior Modified Cart was made with the Camera Assistant, Sound, Photographer and Steadi-Cam Operator in mind. Some of the alterations made are the replacement of the 5” stock wheels with 8” pneumatics with brakes, custom Toe Plate, Nose and Frame re-enforcement, pre-drilled cart to accept all bolt-on accessories.


Weight 88 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 26 × 46 in
Material Aluminum / Steel
Color Natural Aluminum / Steel Zinc Plate
Max. Capacity 1,000 lbs. / 454 kgs.
Actual Dimensions On 4 Wheels: 47.5″ x 19.5″ x 41.25″