Stingray by K-Tek KBAC2 Boom & Accessory Clip

25.90 USD

A true multi-tasker the Boom and Accessory Holder easily attaches to bags, belts, pockets and straps and holds on to various gear thanks with its velcro arms and metal swivel belt clip.


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The Stingray by K-Tek KBAC2 Boom and Accessory Clip is a new multi-tasker on location. This Boom clip has a metal swivel belt-style clip which makes this gadget a great boom holder, that quickly turns into a headphone or cable holder. The versatile design and Velcro-like fastener material makes this clip truly multi-functional.

The KBAC2 is designed to attach to belts and MOLLE straps and is a great companion for every Stingray Audio Bag and the Stingray Harness.