iPowerMAX AA3610 mWh Rechargeable AA Battery

36.00 USD

Brand new ternary formula for higher voltage and capacity

Available for Purchase

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PowerMAX AA3610 mWh is a New Generation Battery with a brand new design. The latest technology to maintain constant 1.5V output from beginning to end.

(Model number: IPAA-3610) 3610mWh is equivalent to NIMH battery 1.2V 3008mAh.

  • Internal Li-Polymer cell is more stable & secure
  • iPowerMAX Li-Polymer battery fast charge will not heat up!
  • Longer service life than NIMH battery, Light weight, no memory effect
  • Connect up to Eight batteries in series in one device (12V)
  • Maximum output current 2A
  • Short Circuit Protection (Automatic Release)
  • Protection against connecting batteries backwards
  • Battery charging is controlled by intelligent charging module inside the battery
  • The charging voltage is automatically adjusted (under 6V)
  • The charging current is automatically limited (under 500MA)
  • Automatic CV trickle charging, automatic shuts off when batteries are fulling charge