iPower 9V Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery 800 mAh

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iPower 9V Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery

iPower is offering the first and only Ultra High Capacity lithium polymer rechargeable battery intended for professional use. Lithium Polymer batteries use a new gel-type electrolyte. This gel has an energy density that is 20% more than typical Lithium Ion batteries and approximately 3 times better than NiCad or NiMh. These batteries are geared toward the location sound person using professional wireless and will out perform any rechargeable battery currently available for this use. The Pro model incorporates a higher grade of lithium which should increase reliability. The Pro model is also rated at 800 milliamps. These batteries incorporate an IC chip to control over current and voltage which adds to the safety of the your equipment and provides consistent long lasting power. These batteries retain 80% capacity after 100 charging cycles. Even when compared with the purchase of Alkalines the savings are tremendous.