Film Devices Rack-N-Bag Versa – Large

895.00 USD

Film Devices Rack-N-Bag Versa – Large — Location sound bag with field-adjustable tiers & lightweight yet ultra-durable construction.

Dimensions: 14.56″ x 8.66″ x 7.0” / 370 mm x 220 mm x 170 mm



Film Devices Rack-N-Bag Versa – Large

Rack-N-Bag Versa – Large Dimensions:

  • Internal Frame – 14.56″ x 8.66″ x 7.0” / 370 mm x 220 mm x 170 mm
  • Full Frame Height – 170 mm
  • Combined Shelf Height – 141 mm

Film Devices Rack-N-Bag Versa is a major upgrade to the Rack-N-Bag line of location sound bags. The base Rack-N-Bag Versa kit consists of 6 included components: a ballistic nylon outer shell with a detachable pouch, a rigid carbon fiber & aluminum frame, carbon fiber handle, shoulder strap, a built in kickstand, and a clear front vinyl cover. With the outer shell on, it acts like an ordinary sound bag which can be attached to the shoulder strap or optional harness or handheld with the carbon fiber handle. When the outer shell is removed, it converts to a desk console with a kickstand to prop it up. Every device is in an accessible, secure location and all connections are easy to reach. The top tier section tilts at an angle for front control wireless transmitters and receivers.

The tier heights are now field adjustable, and overall, much more customizable. The frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum extruded “C” channel, and the tiers are carbon fiber. Devices can be attached anywhere on the frame.

The Rack-N-Bag Versa allows for a single or double row of wireless devices by changing its top tier height configuration. The bottom tier is also height configurable to accommodate most models of mixer/recorders. As your equipment changes the Rack-N-Bag Versa can be reconfigured to match.

The Rack-N-Bag Versa – Large includes:

  • 1 – Carbon Fiber & Aluminum Frame
  • 1 – Ballistic Nylon Outer Shell with Removable Pouch
  • 1 – Carbon Fiber Handle
  • 1 – Shoulder Strap

Compatibile with:

  • Sound Devices: 552, 664, 688, 888, & Scorpio
  • Zaxcom: Nomad

Available Options:



  • Complete: 2.40kg / 5.30lbs
  • Rack Only: 1.50kg / 3.30lbs