Denecke Dcode SB-T Time Code / Video Sync Generator

$997.50 USD

The SB-T reads, generates and jams to all the standard frame rates including 23.976 for High Definition Video.


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Denecke Dcode SB-T

The Dcode SB-T is the latest addition to the Denecke Line of Time Code Generators. The SB-T reads, generates and jams to all the standard frame rates including 23.976 for High Definition Video. The outputs include Time Code and Video Sync in PAL and NTSC, as well as Trilevel for HD shoots. The Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) ensures low drift. High stability and ease of use makes it a welcome addition to any Hi Def or Standard Def shoot!

Denecke Dcode SB-T Features:

  • Generates Trilevel Sync in all 1920 X 1080 & 1280 X 720 formats, composite PAL and NTSC, as well as all standard Time Code rates.
  • Jam from an external source or set it internally and use as a stand alone generator.
  • Run on 3 AA batteries or power externally through a 4 pin Hirose plug and use the AA batteries as a backup when the camera is powered down.
  • Continuously jams to new code so there is no need to power down the unit to re-jam.
  • Cross jam regardless of incoming frame rates.
  • Optional 5 pin Lemo socket instead of 4 pin Hirose
  • Low and Dead Battery warning

Operational Overview

The Denecke SB-T generates all common SMPTE time code rates and video references in 1920 X 1080
(Sony) and 1280 X 720 (Panasonic) High Definition standards. Standard Definition (29.970 fps Nondrop & Drop
Frame) and PAL (25 fps) black burst or color bars are generated as well. Three LEDs indicate battery status,
sync/internal run and presence of external power.

Three AA batteries power the SB-T or external power can be fed through a 4 pin Hirose or an optional 5
pin Lemo. The amber LED indicates the battery status. OFF = battery good (assuming unit is ON), a once per
second flash = battery low, and twice per second flash = battery dead. The batteries should be replaced as soon as
possible when dead battery is indicated. External power is indicated when the red LED is ON. When external power
is removed, internal battery power change over is automatic and the red LED turns OFF.
The sync LED (green) indicates whether the SB-T is in jam sync mode or in internal run mode. The sync
LED flashes once per second (at the start of the frame 00) when in jam sync mode or if the SB-T has been running
in internal run mode for 10 minutes. Note that the tc rate and mode switches are locked out to prevent accidental
change of the settings and the unit must be powered down for different switch setting to take affect. The SB-T
features an automatic jam sync capability, which rejams to any break in time code without the need to power down.
The jam occurs at the 00 frame so cross jamming of different rates can be accomplished.
Internal run mode is indicated by the sync LED strobing. When the SB-T is turned on, without time code
present at its input, it will generate its own time code/video reference starting at 00:58:30:00. The TC frame rate and
video reference are dependent upon the switch settings. Pressing the set button will increment the minutes, while
holding down the set button will scroll the minutes. The minutes roll over into the hours therefore enabling control
of the hours and minutes.

The time code rate rotary switch serves two functions. It selects a time code frame rate as well as a video reference. For example, position 4 selects 23.976 fps time code as well as a tri-level sync video reference.

  • SIZE & WEIGHT: 4.475" X 2.90" X 1.050" .750 pounds (with batteries) INPUT: -15dB @ 4.7K; 1/8" mini phone jack
  • POWER: 3 Alkaline "AA" Batteries EXTERNAL: 5.7V to 16V DC
  • BATTERY LIFE: 48+ Hours
  • TCXO CRYSTAL: +/- 1PPM @ -30 to +75ᄚC
  • VIDEO OUT: Composite: PAL & NTSC
  • TriLevel: All 1920 X 1080 formats and 1280 X 720 formats