Clear-Com KB-702GM

655.00 USD

2-Channel Remote Speaker Station with Gooseneck Mic Connector


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The KB-702GM remote speaker station permits the user to select between two channels of partyline communications, with the ability to talk and/or listen on the selected channel, like the KB-702 but adds a gooseneck mic connector and VOX circuitry.

  • Gooseneck microphone connector with VOX circuitry
  • Talk/Listen from headset mic, telephone handset or push-to-talk microphone
  • Four modes of operation that are internally programmable via dip switches
  • Balanced local program input with separate level control
  • Visual and audible call signaling
  • Optional 4-wire daughter board for flexibility
  • Wall or console mountable, or optional V-Box for portable or desktop use
  • Built-in speaker