Cinela COSI Fabric Wind Module

315.00 USD

Cinela COSI Fabric Windscreen Module — Compact windshield for “short” microphones. COSI is a small-sized windshield



Cinela COSI Fabric Wind Module

Cinela COSI Fabric Wind Module — Compact windshield cages for “short” microphones. The COSI black fabric finish is for exclusive indoor use. Compared to the standard fur version, the apparent volume is reduced, and the wind resistance is limited. But the acoustic transparency is improved. Measurement results can be found here:

Cage sizes:

  • XS (13 cm) for microphones up to 75 mm
  • S (15 cm) for microphones up to 90 mm
  • M (18 cm) for microphones up to 120 mm
  • L (21 cm) for microphones up to 150 mm
  • XL (24 cm) for microphones up to 180 mm

All COSI holders work with all cage sizes. COSI holders available here.

The Cinela COSI Fur version available here.

About Cinela COSI

COSI is a small-sized windshield based on an innovative principle (Patent 2017) reconciling the concepts of suspension and wind protection, usually separate, and always incompatible. Its use covers a wide range of daily situations encountered, with the imperatives of simplicity and efficiency.

In a typical design, a regular suspension and microphone form an unbalanced object because the soft isolators, constricted towards the rear, often have difficulty supporting the removable windscreen, which is too constricted towards the front.

In the case of large Cinela windshields (ZEPHYX, PIANO, PIANISSIMO), the microphone and the wind-cage have their own independent internal suspensions. It is impossible to implement this principle correctly in a small volume.

In the case of COSI, two external (and unique) isolators are directly attached to the cage, which offers two major advantages:

  • The wind-cage completely surrounds the microphone, providing good wind efficiency for a limited volume.
  • The two isolators are widely spaced, which provides excellent vibration protection AND a firm hold for the microphone.

The microphone is simply inserted into a “Holder,” which is easily mounted and secured by a quarter-turn at the back of the cage.

The COSI principle means that the windproof material that lines the cage is not removable. Cages can come with a fabric or fur finish, but it is impossible to add an additional fur to the fabric. However, this constraint results in simplification of the windshield. The same goes for all the other choices for an immediate and versatile use on a pole or camera:

  • Adaptation to a wide variety of microphones thanks to five cage lengths and seven “Holders” of different diameters.
  • Cables and Holders totally removable and interchangeable, as needed.

The COSI is naturally less windproof than a larger windshield, but certainly more than any other windshield of comparable size. The very high level of isolation from handling noise makes the COSI exceptionally easy to manipulate.