BubbleBee Industries VISOR HAT

25.00 USD

Bucket style hat, with zipper to attach/remove visor.


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A bucket-style branded hat, with zipper to attach/remove visor. Works best with IEMs.

The 100% Cotton ‘bucket’-style hat with face visor uses a zipper to attach or remove a clear face shield for safety when working on set. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use when it’s necessary to shield the wearer’s face from spray, splatter, droplets, dust, etc.

The cap is black with an embroidered ‘BBI’ logo on the front panel and the phrase, “MAKING SOUND SOUND BETTER” along the back.

100% COTTON, PERFECT FIT The hat is made of quality grade 100% cotton material, with an adjustable ribbon hidden under the sweatband on the inside for a perfect fit.

CLEAR, SAFE AND DURABLE FACE VISOR The included face shield is made of clear TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which is safe, non-toxic and known for its toughness. It is a commonly used material in sporting goods, food processing equipment and medical tubing / (+IV) biomedical apparatus. It is easily cleaned using soap and water.

EASY ON, EASY OFF FACE VISOR The clear face screen attaches using a zipper which runs discreetly alond the brim of the hat. This makes for quick attachement or removal depending on your working requirements.

Suggested use with In-Ear Monitors.