Boom Uperator

350.00 USD

  • The Boom Uperator
  • No fuss on/off boom pole support
  • A practical solution for rolling resets and really long takes
  • Developed by working Boom Operators and Sound Technicians




Give Yourself an Extra Hand with the Boom Uperator

The Boom Uperator is an ingenious invention that helps to take the load off your arms when Booming. This device gives Boom Operators a practical solution for rolling resets and really long takes.

A Simple Setup and Solution

The Boom Uperator consists of a few different pieces that all come together to make the system work. To start, you attack the belt with a retractable leash to your body. This will resemble a safety belt when it correctly attaches to your body. From here, you will attach the support stick to the base plate on the belt. This connects the two pieces together and allows the stick to swivel on your body. From here, you have to raise or lower the support stick to the desired height, and you are ready to go!

No Fuss On/Off Boom Pole Support

The Boom Uperator works with any Boom Pole on the market. Simply place your boom pole in the top of the support stick while holding to take the weight completely off of your shoulders and put it into your hips.