Audio Developments AD082

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Audio Developments AD082

The unit consists of eight mic amp channels with built in limiters. Each channel has switchable phantom power and balanced direct outputs – the same architecture as used in the AD149 film mixer which is renowned for its superior sound quality and build.

With the footprint the same size as the Zoom F8 recorder, the AD082 gives you a very economical ENG kit with the best of both worlds which are a superb analogue mic input and limiter, ENG style fader knobs on channels 1-4, and push to operate knobs on channel 5-8 and PFL on each input. Used with the flexibility of the F8 recorder, it provides a small and light weight solution to sound engineers.

Designed to be powered from an external NP1 style battery, it has an additional power out socket to supply the recorder. It features monitoring that can be done on the AD082, a headphone output and level control, and separate input which allows any F8 monitor configuration to be fed to the AD082 headphones.