Ambient ACN-LS Lockit Slate
Ambient ACN-LS Lockit SlateAmbient ACN-LS Lockit SlateAmbient ACN-LS Lockit SlateAmbient ACN-LS Lockit SlateAmbient ACN-LS Lockit SlateAmbient ACN-LS Lockit Slate

Ambient ACN-LS Lockit Slate

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Product Description

Special considerations may apply if this item is received outside of North America. Please read for details.

The ACN-LS timecode slate is a highly accurate smart-slate system featuring a unique product design and functionality.

The completely revised LED timecode display features double the brightness at less than half of the power consumption of its predecessor. This allowed us to reduce the batteries to only 4 AA cells while still achieving prolonged battery life. Additionally, we equipped the new slate with light and motion sensors. Thus, the brightness can adjust automatically to the local light conditions, and the timecode display flips when the slate is turned upside down. The easy removable handle allows for perfect one-handed operation.


  • Highly accurate time code generator
  • Supports all used frame rates
  • Adjustable TC offset
  • Generator buffered time code transceiver
  • Full Ambient Clockit Network support
  • Clap time transmission via ACN
  • Drift of less than 1 frame a day (~0,1ppm, 0,0ppm within ACN)
  • OLED Display for configuration
  • Extremly bright LED TC display
  • Light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment
  • Tilt sensor for flipping tc display with end slates
  • Backup Supercap holds tc for more than 10min after power loss
  • Conversion between LTC and MTC (via USB)
  • RS232, USB and GP I/O Port
  • Stand alone mode
  • Only 4 AA batteries