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  • 24-Channel 192 kHz bus-powered USB Audio Interface

  • RME Digiface Dante

    $1,599.00 USD

    The Digiface Dante is a lightweight, portable audio interface, combining Dante network connectivity and features with everything that RME is famous for: USB 3, MADI, TotalMix FX and outstanding options in both USB and stand-alone operation.

  • RME Fireface UFX II

    $2,499.00 USD

    The unique Fireface UFX II is the premier solution to transfer analog and digital audio data directly to a computer from practically any source.

  • Redundant power supplies, more compact housings, network functionality are all a part of the revised 32-channel converter series.

  • RME Digiface AVB

    $1,099.00 USD

    The device uses AVB, an open protocol developed by the IEEE, to transfer up to 256 channels of audio between PC and audio network.

  • RME OctaMic II

    $1,799.00 USD

    The OctaMic II provides 8-Channel 192 kHz / 24 bit AD conversion with eight hi-class microphone and line pre-amplification channels, featuring a combination of sophisticated components and approved RME technology.

  • RME Micstasy

    $4,549.00 USD

    Micstasy is an 8-Channel hi-end mic/line preamp and AD-converter combining typical RME features with a number of previously unseen features.