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Trew Audio Service DepartmentTrew Audio offers service departments in the US and Canada for repair and maintenance of professional sound equipment used in film and video production. Trew service departments have years of experience repairing and maintaining products from manfacturers such as: Trew Audio Service Department

Our service departments focus all repair efforts on a select few models to keep quality control consistent and to maintain our service expertise. Our ability to perform component level repair saves you money by extending the working life of your equipment and lessening its down time. Rental discounts are available for replacement equipment while your unit is in our service care.

And finally, we listen. We employ world-class diagnostic equipment and maintenance methods, but never forget to use the most important tool available - our ears.

Ask us about Sony headphone modification and repair, our Deva slate mic and headphone jack modifications and cable construction & repair.

Sound Devices

Our long-time Service Manager, Forrest Forbes, has prepared Trew Audio's Los Angeles shop with the special tools, test instruments, documents, and replacement parts needed for Sound Devices warranty and non-warranty service.

Along with Forrest, our Los Angeles service department staff, including senior technician Jaime Ingacio (13 years experience), senior technician Steven Culp (25 years), cable specialist Ricardo Figueroa (13 years), and administrator Cosette Copperfield (6 years), look forward to providing this valuable service for our industry and the growing family of Sound Devices owners.

Additionally, our Toronto branch is THE factory-trained, warranty service center for Sound Devices products in all of Canada. Canadian owners of such high end audio products benefit from using this local service center by saving the often exorbitant expense and extra down time of shipping items for service to the US.


As of January 2013, we are proud to announce our US Service Department has received training at the Lectrosonics factory. We have expanded our capabilities in repairing Lectrosonics’ fine products.

Please call or email our US or Canadian service department to discuss your service needs and our recommended packing methods when shipping your equipment in for service.

When sending in items for service please include a list of the items being sent, along with your name and shipping address. Please also reference the RA Number if one has been provided to you.

US Service Department

Phone: (323) 876-7525 or (888) 293-3030
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Canadian Service Department

Phone: (416) 778-0656 or (866) 778-8739
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