Zaxcom Stereo Adapter STA150
Zaxcom Stereo Adapter STA150

Zaxcom STA150 Digital Stereo Adapter

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Zaxcom STA150

The Zaxcom Stereo Adapter attaches to the side of a TRX900/ TRX900AA digital wireless transmitter or the ZFR100 recorder, transforming it into a 2-channel device. There are two model choices available depending on cable orientation. With the STA100, cables exit to the rear of the transmitter with the LCD screen facing the user, while cables exit to the left side of the STA150. Otherwise the adapters function the same.

The Zaxcom Stereo Adapter adds flexibility to your wireless by allowing a standard mono channel to become a bag to camera stereo link. The STA100/150 provides two balanced audio inputs, dedicated time code input and audio output connector. These two channels are input via chassis mounted TA5M connector. These input levels can be adjusted via recessed rotary pot.

The dedicated time code input can be used to jam sync the internal time code generator for the TRX900 or ZFR100. With a continuous source connected to this output the recorder will start and stop with the time code being input. Time code can also be output to other devices via the Audio/TC min jack. This jack can also be used to monitor audio recording or playback for both the TRX900 or ZFR100. Function of this jack is menu selectable. Output level of this output may be adjusted via the recessed rotary pot found on either the STA100 or 150.

The STA100/150 also provides a jack for external DC powering 9-18 volts, eliminating the need for battery power.


Audio Input Connector: TA-5M
Audio Input Level: -6 to +8 dBu balanced
Timecode Input Connector: Unbalanced 3.5mm stereo jack
Timecode Input: 1 to 4 V P-P
Timecode/Audio Output Connector: Unbalanced 3.5mm stereo jack
Timecode/Audio Output: 3 V P-P into 30ohms
Power Input Connector: Switchcraft L712 jack
Power Input Range: 9 to 18 VDC
Dynamic Range: 103dB
Size: 1"x0.8"x3" (25mmx20mmx76mm)
Weight: 2.0 oz