WindTech 10380 High Density Foam Windscreen

WindTech 10380 High Density Foam Windscreen

$5.85 USD


Product Description

The WindTech 10380 (similar to 1400 Series) windscreen is designed for use in high wind applications for lapel, lavaliere and headset type microphones. It is made of High Density Military Grade S80 SonicFoam™. It also includes Carnauba water wicking treatment as used in other WindTech Military products. Perfect for live broadcast news, outdoor events and general use, as there is virtually no affect to the microphone’s frequency response. The 10380 windscreen offers 5 to 15db of wind noise protection depending the microphone being used.

Compatible with the following microphones:

AKG CK97C,C567. Audio Technica AT853, 803B, 855, 857, 859, ATM35, ATM350, Pro35, U853, U857. Audix M1245, M1290, ADX-20, ADX112, ADX118. Beyer MC5, MC6, MCE10, 52. SHM22, SHM88. Electro Voice RE98, CO90, CO90P, CO94, CO100, CP212, 218, CS200, CH230. RE90H, RE92. MicW CN201, E216, M215, N201, N241. Samson VLP-1, QE. Sennheiser ME34, ME35, MKE40-60. Shure EZG, EZO, MX183, MX184, MX185, MX412. SM83a, SM84a, 839w, SM98, SM99. Sony AH-1, ECM-X7, ECM-44, 55, 66, 166. Special Projects SP4700, SP746, SP756, SPH20.