RODE MiCon-4 Connector

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The MiCon-4 connector is part of the RODE MiCon connector system developed to provide seamless integration between the RODE HS1 headset and Lavalier microphones and a wide range of wireless systems. RODE currently offers a suite of five MiCon connectors, and two cable lengths (1.2m/4′ and 3m/10′).

The MiCon-4 is designed to connect to the following Audio Technica UniPakTM Body-Pack receivers:

  • 1800
  • 2000
  • 3000


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R�DE currently offers a suite of MiCon connectors, and two MiCon cable lengths (1.2m/4' and 3m/10') in the MiCon connector system. They are as follows:

MiCon 1 ヨ a locking 3.5mm stereo male connector for use with Senn SK 500G3; SK300G3; SK100G3; SK500G2; SK300G2; SK2 Freeport
MiCon 2 ヨ a 3.5mm stereo mini/mic input with 1v minimum power supply
MiCon 3 ヨ a TA4-F for use with Shure UR1; UR1M; ULX1; SLX1; PGX1; PG1
MiCon 4 ヨ a 4-pin Hirose for use with Audio Technica Unipack 1800; Unipack 2000; Unipack 3000
MiCon 5 ヨ a 3 pin XLR 48V phantom supply
MiCon 6 ヨ a TA3-F for use with AKG PT60; 61; 80; 81; 400; 2000; 4000
MiCon 7 ヨ a TA5-F for use with Lectro SM; UMA; LMA; UM450
MiCon 8 ヨ a 3.5mm stereo male for use with Sony UWP

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