Whirlwind Line Balancer/Splitter

Whirlwind Line Balancer/Splitter

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Product Description

The Whirlwind Line Balancer/Splitter is designed to split a single line-level input signal into two balanced line-level outputs. A choice of two output configurations is provided: one direct output and one isolated output, or two isolated outputs.

The Line Balancer/Splitter uses Whirlwind’s TRSP-600L transformer and has a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, ±1 dB @ +2O dBm.

On the Line Balancer/Splitter are two male XLR jacks, one female XLR jack, a ¼” jack, and three switches as outlined below.

Either of the two input connectors, a female XLR jack or a ¼” TRS jack (Tip = Pin 2 and Ring = Pin 3) can be used for connection from a line level source, balanced or unbalanced. Use only one input at a time.

The male XLR output connectors can be configured in one of two ways. The ISOLATED OUT/SPLIT 1 is always transformer isolated and the DIRECT OUT/SPLIT 2 is either directly connected to the input or transformer isolated, depending on the position of the OUTPUT SELECT switch.

This push-button switch selects the output mode of the unit. In the “out” position, the DIRECT OUT/SPLIT 2 provides a direct output signal and the ISOLATED OUT/SPLIT 1 provides a balanced 600W isolated signal. In the “in” position (the center of the switch changes to orange) both output connectors provide a balanced 150W ? isolated signal that is attenuated by 6dB from the input.

Each of these switches disconnects the ground between the inputs and the XLR outputs when set to the LIFT position. Grounds remain connected when set to the “GND” position.