Timecode Systems :wave Timecode and Genlock Generator

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The Timecode Systems :wave is a highly accurate timecode, genlock and word clock generator with integrated RF transceiver and simultaneous Wi-Fi.


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Optimised for the sound department

The Timecode Systems :wave is a highly accurate timecode, genlock and word clock generator with integrated RF transceiver and simultaneous Wi-Fi.

It’s small (94mm x 67mm x 23mm to be exact), has a solid aluminium casing and features a high resolution blue OLED display, flexible mounting methods and multiple powering options.

It has UART, RS232/RS422 connectivity, WiFi connectivity, USB connectivity and simultaneous long range RF sync and B:LINK networking features.

The large capacity Li-Polymer internal battery is constantly charged from any power input and designed to run the unit for a minimum of 8 hours with RF, WiFi and switched on, much longer without WiFi enabled, making it perfect for audio and camera battery swaps or location moves.

Truly flexible configuration

Configure either as a master ‘transmit’ device or slave ‘receive’ device, or jam and lock to an external wired timecode source, and then re-transmit that timecode to any ‘slave’ receive units listening. The :wave is designed to be versatile.

Once added to your set-up, you can use the :wave to experience the full benefits of our B:LINK protocol. Connect to the B:LINK Hub to remotely view, monitor and control any of our B:LINK enabled devices from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

As a B:LINK master, the :wave continually collects the status of all the receiving B:LINK devices, the devices will then appear in a single list on the Timecode Buddy: app, MovieSlate 8 app or B:LINK Hub when connected over the :wave’s WiFi network.

Unique features


The :wave is designed to support the latest communication protocols with Sound Devices field audio mixer-recorders. Using a bespoke Timecode Systems Sync lead into the :wave DATA port and a WiFi connection to the :wave, the MovieSlate® 8 app syncs data and timecode with Sound Devices’ 788T, 688, 664, and 633 recorders. Start/stop shots from MovieSlate and/or a recorder. Sync timecode and metadata. Effortlessly generate stunning sound reports. All this is part of a MovieSlate 8 Pro Features bundle subscription.

Key Features:

  • Highly accurate timecode, genlock & word clock
  • B:LINK enabled master or slave
  • Zero drift between units using long range B:LINK RF
  • Simultaneous RF, Wi-Fi & DATA port connectivity
  • Wireless view, monitor & control using the B:LINK Hub


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External dimensions 94mm x 67mm x 23mm
Blue OLED display 128 x 32 pixel resolution
Supported FPS modes 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 29.97DF, 30DF
T/C input LEMO 5 connector
Frequency 865MHz-925MHz, Worldwide ISM bands. 2.4GHz 802.11g Wi-Fi
Power Backup Li Polymer rechargeable battery with 20 hours min operation, 5V micro USB connector, LEMO2 9-36V DC
T/C output Three Buffered outputs on BNC, LEMO 5 and separate LEMO 9 connectors. Selectable MIC or LINE output levels
Output sync modes PAL, NTSC, 720p, 720p double frame, 1080i, 1080p, 1080p double frame, Word Clock
Output video sync 1V pp / 75 ohm or 1V pp /37.5ohm for ムHigh Level Genlockメ mode (3D camera rigs)