Timecode Systems MiniTRX+ Multi-camera Sync Solution

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Small and offering multiple mounting options, the :mini trx+ is suitable for use on everything from a large-scale film camera to a DSLR


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A simple, cost-efficient multi-camera sync solution

Small and offering multiple mounting options, the :mini trx+ is suitable for use on everything from a large-scale film camera to a DSLR. It’s the perfect timecode partner to a :wave or :pulse on a multi-camera shoot.

As a B:LINK enabled slave you can remotely view, monitor and control the :mini trx+ using the B:LINK Hub, when used in combination with a :pulse or :wave.

An extremely stable TCXO forms the basis for a rock solid timecode, genlock and word clock generator . In practice you would only expect around 0.2 of a frame drift within a 24 hour period between free-running units. And when they are soft locked to a ‘master’ RF clock, all receiving ‘slave’ units are synced with zero drift. All day long.

Ultra compact and lightweight

The :mini trx+ is the smallest timecode, genlock and word clock generator on the market.

Measuring just 29mm x 44mm x 70mm and weighing just 138g, this miniature timecode powerhouse is perfectly proportioned to attach to any camera.

An aluminium anodised bracket connector block with multiple quarter-inch threaded mounting holes and a detachable hot-shoe mount, allows for a solid and flexible mounting solution.

An internal Li-Polymer battery will power the unit for up to 12 hours with RF and genlock turned on and up to 16 hours with RF turned on and genlock turned off.

The battery is constantly charged from the hirose 9-24V socket or the 5V USB socket.

Enhanced features

The proprietary B:LINK RF network protocol keeps the same incredibly accurate wireless sync over the robust sub GHz ISM bands, but adds enhanced two-way multiplexed status/control from the :mini trx+ back to a B:LINK master device (this can be either a :wave or :pulse).

The WiFi network of the :wave or :pulse will allow the user to view the status and control settings of the :mini trx+ from the B:LINK Hub, the Timecode Buddy :app and third-party applications such as MovieSlate 8.

The :mini trx+ also features a higher capacity Li-polymer battery upgrade, an option for a second LTC output or word clock output from the sync BNC connector.

Key Features:

  • Ultra compact and lightweight
  • Highly accurate and stable generator
  • Long range RF transceiver
  • B:LINK protocol enabled


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Timecode Buddy app

The free Timecode Buddy app allows you to transform your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a highly accurate digislate. You can use the app to wirelessly stream and display real-time SMPTE timecode directly from your Timecode Buddy hardware onto up to ten iOS devices (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch) simultaneously.

What makes the Timecode Buddy: app different
Timecode is broadcast via WiFi using UDP Broadcast protocol in ムad hocメ mode. Simply, this means the timecode, user bits and frames per second (FPS) shown on the app feed directly from the incredibly accurate oscillator in the Timecode Buddy: wifi master rather than relying on the clock within your iOS devices.

Planning a DSLR, music or separate sound shoot?
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Self-shooting producer directors canナ
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Timecode Buddy in Action