The Ambient Beetle ACN-BT
The Ambient Beetle ACN-BTThe Ambient Beetle ACN-BTThe Ambient Beetle ACN-BTThe Ambient Beetle ACN-BT

Ambient Beetle ACN-BT Bluetooth Dongle

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Product Description

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The Ambient Beetle ACN-BT is a Bluetooth dongle that adds versatility to ACN-equipped Lockit devices and the Sound Devices 788T. When used with the 788T, it serves as an alternative to the CL-WiFi, and offers a very reliable wireless connection and low power consumption.

When used with a Lockit device (ACL 204, ACN-TL, ACN-LS, ACN-ML), the Beetle enables wireless connectivity between the ACN and iOS devices. In more detail, the ACN Lockit collects and buffers time critical metadata with highly accurate timestamp, while the ACN-BT module transmits this non-time critically to the LockitScript app.

The ACN-BT Beetle has a Binder connector, which enables use of different cables for connection to other devices. It has Bluetooth 4.0, or low energy (LE), which works immediately with all recent iOS devices consuming less energy while maintaining the bandwith, and is compatible with older Bluetooth devices. Thanks to the external antenna, range is comparable with WiFi while more robust.