Sound Devices Wingman Wireless Remote Control App

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Product Description

Sound Devices Wingman Overview

Wireless Remote Control (688, 664, and 633)

For sound mixers who want to use a wireless, touch-screen interface to improve experience for metadata entry & editing, as well as creating sound reports (PDF format) that can be emailed directly from your iOS device.

Supports iOS wireless remote control. Requires the following:

    • Upgrade of 6-Series firmware to version 4.00.
    • WM-Connect– a Bluetooth® Smart USB dongle that may be connected (with included adapters) to the USB-B port on right side of any 6-Series mixer. May also be installed without adapter into the keyboard port of an attached CL-12 / CL-12 Alaia.
    • Wingman – a free iOS-based application available from Apple’s App Store. Compatible

with any iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch running iOS 8.0 or later.

Sound Devices Wingman Key Features:

  • Vast control of mixer/recorders in the palm of your hand!
  • Remotely start / stop audio recording
  • Edit metadata, circle takes, and designate false takes; updates instantly reflected on
  • Edit track names, arm/disarm tracks
  • Edit sound report headers & create sound reports in “current directory” (as defined by
    MENU > File Storage > Folder Options), stored on “target media” which is either
    CompactFlash or SD card inserted in mixer
  • Email newly created sound report (CSV format) direct from mobile device
  • Monitor levels from multiple meter views on mobile device
  • (688 only) Monitor auto mixing activity from mobile device
  • From within the app, easily switch control from one WM-Connect-enabled 6-Series
    mixer to another one on set with a couple taps of a fingertip.


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