Sound Devices MD-4 Dante Interface

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Sound Devices MD-4 is a simple, high-performance interface to connect four microphone or line-level analog sources to Dante? Ethernet audio networks. Additionally, four signals on a Dante network can be output as balanced line-level signals. A selectable headphone monitor allows either input or output signals to be monitored in headphones and viewed on level meters.

The MD-4 offers high-quality audio and reliability for professional applications. Its four mic/line audio inputs use standard 3-pin female XLR connectors for easy interfacing with balanced and unbalanced sources. The input circuitry offers adjustable gain, 48-volt phantom power, and high-pass filter functions.

Four digital audio signals on a Dante audio network can be routed to the MD-4 and converted to balanced, line-level analog outputs.

The headphone monitor allows for monitoring any input or output signal, in mono or in pairs in headphones. The monitored signal level appears on an LED level meter.

Audinate?s Dante audio-over-Ethernet technology has found wide acceptance because of its ease of use, interoperability, excellent audio quality, and wide adoption by a large number of equipment manufactur-ers. The MD-4 can serve as an edge device for a Dante network, providing high-performance input, output, and monitor resources for applications requiring analog input and output.

The unit is powered by either AC mains (100-240) or DC (10-18) VDC sources. If both AC and DC sources are connected, the AC source acts as primary with the DC source serving as backup in the event of loss of AC.

The MD-4 chassis mounts in a standard 19-inch equip-ment rack (1U) and weighs less than four pounds (2 kg).