Sound Devices CL-12 Linear Fader Controller for 6-Series

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The CL-12 attaches directly to any 6-Series mixer via a single USB cable that provides both power and control, making transitions between cart-based setups and over-the-shoulder workflows quick and easy.



Sound Devices CL-12

Quick & Easy Transition: The CL-12 linear fader controller is an optional accessory that significantly expands the mixing capability of the 6-Series mixer/recorder line. The CL-12 attaches directly to any 6-Series mixer via a single USB cable that provides both power and control, making transitions between cart-based setups and over-the-shoulder workflows quick and easy. It will be compatible with the 688 upon shipping, and future support of the 664 and 633 will follow. Not all CL-12 features will be supported by all 6-Series models.

Beautiful Form & Function: The CL-12 comes in two models. The standard CL-12 is designed to be a sleek and durable mixing surface with robust black aluminum side panels. Tactile controls, including illuminated buttons and twelve easy-to-use manual faders, combine with LED metering to improve the whole mixing experience.

In addition to offering everything the standard CL-12 does, the CL-12 Alaia (pronounced “ah-LIE-ah”) also features incredibly smooth gliding Penny & Giles faders — the best in the industry. Gorgeous custom hardwood side panels also enhance the look of the CL-12 Alaia. Available in either Blonde Maple or Red Mahogany, the panels are handmade by Amish craftsmen specifically for Sound Devices, LLC.

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Mixing & Control at Your Fingertips: When the CL-12 is connected, the 688 gains 12 100 mm linear faders and enhanced, sunlight-viewable LED metering. Numerous dedicated buttons also provides quick access to key functionality for fast track arming, naming, and routing. The CL-12 also features a 3-band parametric equalizer for each of the 12 inputs and the ability to monitor audio directly from the CL-12’s headphone port. Together, the CL-12 and 688 are a complete mixing and recording system, perfect for controlling multiple audio signals often required in today’s production sound environments.

The CL-12 also provides ports for a USB keyboard connection for efficient metadata entry, remote control via third-party applications (Ambient Beetle Bluetooth dongle, Timecode Systems’ :wave metadata hub), and for powering an optional USB lamp.

Enhanced Mixing & Routing:

  • 12 100 mm linear input faders
  • L, R, X1, X2 level controls with press functionality for input routing
  • 3-band parametric equalizer per channel: LF, Sweepable MID, HF

Dedicated Backlit Controls:

  • Large transport buttons (REC, STOP)
  • PFL and input SEL buttons
  • HPF and phase invert buttons
  • Return and COM buttons
  • Timecode and Notes for metadata entry
  • SuperSlotTM shortcut button
  • METER and MENU
  • 3 User-programmable button

Illuminated Metering:

  • 22-segment LED meters for L, R, X1, X2
  • 7-segment LED pre-fade input meters
  • Limiter LEDs
  • Indicator LEDs for MixAssistTM activity, Arm, Channel On, and Routing status


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FEATURE 688 664 633
Description 12 input, 16-track mixer/recorder
with MixAssist™ and optional SL-6
Powering and Wireless System
12 input, 16-track mixer/recorder 6 input, 10-track mixer/recorder
Number of linear faders 12 12 6
Linear fader range w/ CL-12 attached 96 dB 54 dB 96 dB
DC Boost power connection

Note: The micro USB power cord
is not included with the CL-12.

Optional Required Required
3-band semi-parametric equalizer
MixAssist metering & control
SuperSlot control
COMs 1 & 2 1
Returns A,B,C A,B,C A
Slate + Tone (via user programmable buttons)
SL-6 routing (via user programmable buttons)
LR, X1, X2 track level control & metering
LR, X1, X2 output level control & metering
7-segment PFL metering + limiter activity
Channel On/Off
Headphone level & preset
HPF control 7-12 only
Input phase control ch 2, 4, 6 only ch 2 only
Input PFL & SEL control
Input routing to LR, X1 & X2
Menu control
Metadata control
Track arming & naming
Transport control
USB peripherals (light & keyboard)
User programmable buttons