Sound Devices A-RXMON Headphone Monitor

$419.00 USD

Belt-worn Sound Devices Wireless slot-in receiver enclosure. Portable solution to monitor two A10-TX and A-20RX audio channels with wired headphones.

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Do More With The A-RXMON

The Sound Devices A-RXMON Headphone Monitor allows you to transform your A10-RX and A20-RX Receivers into the perfect Headphone Monitoring Solution. It can monitor two receiver audio channels with wired headphones giving the listener the best quality signal as well as the option to monitor multiple channels with ease.

What type of Batteries does the A-RXMON Headphone Monitor Use?

The Sound Devices A-RXMON Uses (1) Sony L-mount batteries (not included), a heavy-duty 3.5mm headphone connector, and a Micro USB port for firmware updates to the A10-RX and A20-RX.

When mounted, the A10-RX and A20-RX become the premiere wireless headphone monitoring solution. The A-RXMON is designed for producers, script supervisors, and others who require high-quality, full-bandwidth wireless headphone monitoring of wireless transmitters. Signals from any transmitter can be quickly selected from the menus giving you the most in the smallest package available.

Key Features:

  • Accommodates the A10-RX and A20-RX receiver (sold separately)
  • Power with Sony L-Type Batteries
  • Heavy-duty 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Rugged, spring steel belt clip
  • Monitor channel 1, channel 2, or a stereo mix of both channels with a switch
  • Pair with the A10 User Groups for fast switching between transmitter frequencies
  • Micro USB port for loading firmware and User Groups

How Does It Work?

The A-RXMON is extremely simple to integrate into your pre-existing system. First, start by sliding in your designated Sound Devices Receiver. Once installed, Slide your battery and connect your headphones. Select your desired channel of listening and ensure a quality signal before passing it off to your desired listener.

Can I still Update My Receiver with the A-RXMON Installed?

Yes! This wireless adapter allows you to use the USB port on the bottom to allow a seamless updating process without having to remove the receiver from the device. For more information, please refer to Sound Devices website for complete update instructions.