Sound Devices A-15PIN Cradle Adapter

495.00 USD

Cradle for A10-RX with 15pin D-type adapter

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Sound Devices A-15PIN Cradle Adapter for Sony

The Sound Devices A-15PIN Adapter is a Cradle for A10-RX and A20-RX Wireless Receivers. It hosts a 15pin D-type adapter for use with Sony camcorders that have slot-in for wireless or Sony extension units with slot-in for wireless. The adapter allows the receiver to be used in the Sony slot without the need for external cables. The audio is passed through the internal slot as a 2 channel AES input.

Does the A-15PIN Allow the Receiver to Power Up?

When connected to a Sony Camera via the A-15PIN, the A10-RX or A20-RX receives power and will powers up with the camcorder.

Looking for a Different Bottom Plate Adapter?

The Sound Devices Wireless Receiver lineup has a backplate for every bag and every need: