Sound Devices 970 64-Track Dante and MADI Audio Recorder
Sound Devices 970 64-Track Dante and MADI Audio Recorder

Sound Devices 970 64-Track Dante and MADI Audio Recorder

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Sound Devices 970 Overview

The Sound Devices 970 simplifies production that requires high-quality, high-track-count audio recording. This comprehensive 64-track Dante and MADI-equipped multi-track audio recorder provides performance, quality, and reliability.

The Sound Devices 970 records up to 64 channels of monophonic or polyphonic 24-bit WAV files from any of its 144 audio inputs. Connections include 64 channels of Ethernet-based Dante, 64 channels of optical and coaxial MADI, eight channels of line-level analog, and eight channels of AES digital. Any input can be assigned to any track. The recorder also supports 32-track recording at 96 kHz.

The Sound Devices 970 records audio on up to four SSD drives, two in removable drive caddies held in front-panel drive bays and two connected through backpanel eSATA ports. With four available drives, the 970 can record material simultaneously to multiple drives, creating backups and eliminating time-consuming post-record copying. The 970 can also record to drives sequentially for long-form, high-track count recording.

With its built-in rock-steady Ambient Lockit timecode technology, the 970 operates as a master clock and also accepts jammed timecode from cameras and other sources. The 970 supports all common production time-code rates and modes, and offers word-clock synchronization from external word clock, video sync, MADI, and AES. Sample rate converters on each input simplify connecting multiple digital channels. If all external power sources deplete or fail, PowerSafe circuitry keeps the 970 operating for up to 10 seconds, cleanly closes all file operations, and then safely shuts down the recorder.


  • Up to 64-track WAV mono or WAV poly recording to removable solid-state drives
  • 64 channels of Dante audio I/O (32 channels at 96 kHz SR)
  • 64 channels of MADI optical and coaxial I/O (32 channels at 96 kHz SR)
  • 8 line-level analog inputs and outputs
  • 8 channels of AES3 digital audio I/O
  • PowerSafe circuitry provides complete file protection from power loss. Ten second internal power reserve safely closes files and shuts down unit
  • Rock-steady Ambient Lockit time code master clock built in
  • Format conversion between analog, AES digital, MADI, and Dante
  • Simultaneous and sequential recording to four drives, two in internal removable drive caddies and two via eSATA
  • Fast file transfer over SMB Ethernet
  • Large 5-inch screen provides metering and intuitive menu control
  • External RS-422 control
  • Embedded web-server control panel allows machine control through web browsers over Ethernet-based networks
  • Compact half-rack, 2RU chassis
  • Dual DC power connections, 4-pin XLR @ 10-27 VDC DISCOVER MORE


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