Sonosax SX62R Mixer/RecorderSonosax SX62R Mixer/RecorderSonosax SX62R Mixer/RecorderSonosax SX62R Mixer/RecorderSonosax SX62R Mixer/RecorderSonosax SX62R Mixer/Recorder

Sonosax SX62R Mixer/Recorder

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Product Description

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The SONOSAX SX62R is a portable 6-channel high quality Analogue Mixing console with a true stereo mix bus and an advanced monitoring & communication system. Also combined is an integrated 8-track digital recorder which writes to SSD Drive and CompactFlash card.

Built in a compact and lightweight housing the SONOSAX SX62R is based on a new ergonomic concept; standard functions are immediately accessible on the front panel. All other features and configurations are easily accessible through an intuitive menu simply by touching the large colour screen.

Main connections are located on the recessed rear panel meaning the connectors and cables are not only well protected, but their weight is evenly distributed in the center instead of being unevenly spread sideways.

The SONOSAX SX62R mixer provides most of the features found in larger mixers such as the SONOSAX SX-ES64 or SX-ST while the integrated digital recorder offers all functionalities required for today’s production workflow– a full implementation of BWF and iXLM metadatas and many user friendly features.


  • Field Productions
  • Documentaries, TV series, Reality show
  • Feature Film
  • Music Recording
  • Sporting events
  • Recording of Surround sounds or multi-channel microphone systems



  • Transformer-less balanced Mic/Line input with High Quality, Low Noise microphone preamplifier using semi-discrete technology
  • Pre LF-Cut to protect the microphone pre-amplifier from wind noise and sweep LF Cut at 12dB/octave for a precise control
  • 48V Phantom, phase reversal and Limiter on each input
  • Pre-Fader listening on each channel
  • Channel linking for stereo pair, M/S Pair or multichannel system
  • M/S decoder available either for mixing or for monitoring purposes
  • Direct channel output analogue (standard) digital (optional)
  • Configurable routing and assignment of channels onto the mix-bus and to the digital recorder
  • Two independant Monitoring system with Private Line for communication
  • Mono analogue Sub-out
  • Stereo Sub Out analogue or digital (menu configurable)
  • Integrated Slate microphone and 1kHz reference Tone
  • Connnection with 48V Phantom and 6V Electret provided for an external Headset


  • Recording capabilities of up to 8 tracks on SSD Drive and either 2 tracks or full mirroring on CF Card at all sampling frequencies from 44,1 to 192kHz at 24bits
  • Uncompressed PCM WAV file format with full implementation of BWF and iXML metadata; either mono, stereo or ployphonic files
  • Editable metadata pre or post recording
  • Channel linking for stereo pair, M/S Pair or multichannel system
  • Time Code input and output supporting all format with pull up/pull down
  • WordClock I/O and Video sync capabilites
  • USB 2.0 connection for file transfer (mass storage class)


  • Machined aluminum housing
  • Powered by 4 D-cell batteries or external 6 to 18 VDC on Hirose 4 pins conector
  • USB 2.0 for external remote functionalities (not yet implemented)


Dimensions 274 x 160 x 90 mm / 10.8" x 6.3" x 3.54"
Weight 2200 grams (4.8 lbs) without batteries; 2900 grams (6.3 lbs) with 4x D-Cell batteries