Schoeps ORTF-2PLUS2 Outdoor Set

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The ORTF-2plus2 setup was developed as a 4-channel “spot microphone” for 3D audio recording. It captures sound sources and atmos with vertical and horizontal extension. It is part of the SCHOEPS ‘ORTF’ series, similar to the ‘ORTF Stereo’, ‘ORTF Surround’ and ‘ORTF-3D’ setups.

The 4 channels of the ORTF-2plus2 are routed to 2 adjacent stereo channels and their corresponding height channels, e.g. to L, R + Lh, Rh.

It features very good 360° imaging with a pleasant, natural-sounding spatial impression and a large listening area. The ‘ORTF-2plus2 Outdoor Set’ uses 4 studio quality microphones.

  • 4-channel plug-and-play set for 3D atmo recording
  • a “spot microphone” for a hemisphere with vertical extension, e.g. only for L, R, Lh, Rh
  • with windscreen and fur, elastic mounting, microphones and cabling
  • applications: ambience recording at sports events, film sound, etc.
  • 3/8″-thread

The ‘ORTF-2plus2 Outdoor Set’ s a complete set. It includes:

  • No. 176208: WSC ORTF-2plus2: windshield with suspension and fur
  • 2 * No. 121017: CCM 41, Supercardioid Microphones
  • 2 * No.121103: CCM 41V, Supercardioid Microphones
  • 1 * No. 152407: K Surround 5 M: 4ch multicore cable
  • 1 * No. 152403: AK Surround M/4U: 4ch breakout cable
  • Case