Rycote InVision Video mount with Hot Shoe
InVision Video HOT SHOE

Rycote InVision Video Microphone Suspension with Hot Shoe

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Product Description

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The new Rycote InVision Video mount is designed for use with high-quality camcorder microphones to provide improved low-noise performance for video professionals using physically separate mics on commercial camcorders.

At the heart of this suspension is Rycote’s Lyre® technology, a patented and virtually unbreakable suspension design. An extremely lightweight yet hard-wearing noise-reducing clamp, designed for microphones between 19 and 25mm in diameter and up to 300mm in length, is suspended in two low-noise W-shaped Lyre webs. The clamp and lyres isolate the microphone from handling rumble as well as camera motor noise and vibrations. The interior of the clamp is lined with a molded, soft-feel, grip material to keep the mic from twisting or slipping.

The Rycote InVision Video mount pivots 360 degrees at its mounting point at one end of a 100mm bar. The opposite slotted end of the bar allows the cradle to slide towards or away from the mount’s pivot point. The maneuverability of the mount provides unlimited mic placement options and helps keep it from dipping into the lens. A built-in cable clamp further reduces cable-born noise.

The mount terminates with either a brass hot shoe connector or a1/4″ adaptor which has both a male and female threading. This allows further accessories to be added atop the 1/4″ adaptor as needed.

Weight 84 grams (3 oz)
Grip length of mic clip 65mm (5.5")
Suitable for microphones: Lengths: 50mm (2") to 300mm (12")
Diameters: 19mm (3/4") to 25mm (1")