Mozegear Papi Pico

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Mozegear Papi Pico

2 Channel Pre-Amp with monitoring and optional Timecode Generator.

Take your Audio to the next level!

Easy to set and use with Mozegears patented “EZ Level” system. Unrivaled audio quality. Small and compact size.

  • At 5.1 ounces, the Papi Pico is feather light and won’t throw off the balance of gimbals and drones. With a footprint the size of a credit card, it is small enough to be mounted anywhere on your camera. (3.4”x1.95”x1.1”)
  • Compatible with all popular cameras (Arri, Red, Canon, Panasonic…)
  • Our patented “EZ-Level” system makes setting audio levels a breeze.
  • Very accurate timecode generator (optional feature) with backup battery
  • Headphone monitoring with a return and 4 switchable settings
  • Two high-end mic level pre-amps with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 50 kHzProfessional features: 2 limiters, high-pass filter, & 48v phantom power (Ch A)
  • “Low power” design that can be energized by camera battery or USB power supply. (5v to 18v)
  • Quiet, warm sound that offers clarity and detail to the audio. It gives you that full, clear, Hollywood sound.
  • Headphone output can be used for playback (via return) or as another output
  • Quick to use with rotary knobs and switches. (great for “run & gun”)
  • Optional small camera mount
  • Durable aluminum chassis with locking connectors
  • Made and serviced in the USA with 2-year warranty (2nd service center in the UK)