Lectrosonics ISO9Volt Battery Eliminator type "H" (with door for plug-on transmitters)

Lectrosonics ISO9Volt Battery Eliminator with H Style Battery Door

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Lectrosonics ISO9Volt Battery Eliminator

This NEW battery eliminator isolates the power source from the device being powered. This is particularly significant when using a single source power distribution system (such as the popular BDS) to power a rig that includes a transmitter. In the past powering transmitters along with other audio devices required very careful attention to grounds and shielding of the audio interconnects to reduce the chances of unwanted noise. In an ENG bag or cart, the ISO9VOLT battery eliminator is a simple and effective solution to power ground loop concerns.

The ISO9VOLT battery eliminator allows Lectrosonics wireless transmitters with hinged battery doors designed for 9 volt batteries to be operated from external power sources. 10 to 18 volt DC is converted to regulated 9 volt DC to power the transmitter at the battery terminals inside the battery compartment. The modified door exposes the connector for the external power source yet still operates with regular dry cell batteries. The unit can supply up to 200 mA to work with the 250 mW transmitters. It is fused and protected from reverse polarity. The unique design isolates the power ground from the audio ground in the transmitter allowing the unit to be used in “bag systems” common in field production. When the mixer, receivers and wireless transmitters in a bag are powered by a common battery, a ground loop is often created which can cause high frequency noise (whining or hiss) in the audio. The output of a DC/DC converter in the ISO9VOLT is passed through a transformer, rectified and then controlled by a regulator to produce the final DC power presented on the battery contacts.

Power Supply not included*