K-Tek KSFA1 Stingray Antenna Sleeve

$35.15 USD

Zippered flat envelope-style sleeve designed to keep most types of shark fin style antennas safe.



K-Tek’s Stingray Antenna Sleeve for directional antennas is designed to keep most types of sharkfin style antennas safe and easy to find in the sound kit.

Designed to future-proof the owner’s investment, the versatile design fits shark fin antennas from Betso, Lectrosonics, PSC, Sennheiser, Wisycom and Zaxcom among others.

This flat envelope-style sleeve with a 2-way zipper contours to the fin antenna. Constructed of high strength ballistic nylon with internal semi-rigid panels, the antenna-shaped protector provides sides that measure 15” x 14.5” (38cm x 37cm) at its longest and widest points, with a curved top. Zipped shut, the content is safe inside. A top nylon loop makes it handy to carry, store or attach to sound carts.

This sharkfin bag features a handsome black and grey exterior with easy-grip grey piping and a bright orange-colored cushioned interior.


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