IDX JL-2 Lithium Combo
IDX JL-2 Lithium ComboIDX JL-2 Lithium ComboIDX JL-2 Lithium Combo

IDX JL-2 Lithium Combo

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Product Description

IDX JL-2 Plus
The IDX JL-2 Plus is IDX’s most popular and hardest working NP-1 charger. Two charging slots provide sequential fast charging for either NiCad, NiMH, or Li-on. This means that you can move into the 21st Century with Lithium Ion and still nurse your Nicad or NiMH into retirement. The JL-2Plus also offers a 60 Watt power supply on a 4 pin xlr that includes a power cable and weighs in at just 2lbs.

The pricing for Lithium ion batteries has finally fallen into the affordable range with IDX’s NP-L7s. Not only is the pricing reasonable but you also get an unbelievable 4.8 amp hrs of power. Lithium ion batteries are wonderful because they work full capacity until they are gone. There is nothing left in the tank. Typical use is double the life of NiCad or NiMh and absolutely no memory effect.


  • (1) IDX JL-2Plus
  • (2) IDX NP-L7S