Hawk-Woods DV-F980

$110.00 USD

Sony Replacement L Series Battery — 7.2V 7200mA (6 cell)


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Hawk-Woods DV-F980

The DV-F980 offers all the features of Hawk-Woods DV-F970 but with the advantage of a higher capacity output. To the eye they are no different, but the DV-F980 is a 52Wh battery delivering an output of 7200 milliamps. This gives the user approximately 10% more run time.

As with all Hawk-Woods NPF replacement batteries they fully support the INFO technology Sony relies on to display the battery usage.

The DV-F980 can be charged by any standard charger compatible with the Sony NPF or L-series such as Hawk-Woods DV-MC2, DV-MC4, DV-MC8, and DV-C1.

Key Features:

  • Sony NPF/L Series compatible
  • 7.2v 7200Ma
  • 52Wh