Hawk-Woods AD-PC4

$89.00 USD

VL con block – 30cm – 4x power-con


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Hawk-Woods AD-PC4

V-Lok contact block adaptor running to 4x power-con outputs, which will be nominal voltage from the battery.

The contact block will fit directly into your V-Lok battery contacts, however this will not protrude out the battery as the cable runs back up the battery meaning you wont have any bendy cables in bags or where you are looking to position your battery.

This is a neat and tidy solution for sound bags or general travel light kit.

Hawk-Woods can fit in-line regulators upon request if you are looking for 8.4v or 12v regulation. Please inquire for costing on this

Key Features:

  • Cable Length – 30cm
  • 4x Power-con (F) outputs
  • 11-17V