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Comtek 216 Package

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Product Description

The Comtek 216 series is a multi frequency wireless system intended for multipurpose monitoring or communications. It is particularly useful for onset scene monitoring for client, director, and script supervisor. The improved fidelity also makes the Comtek 216 system ideal for a wireless boom operator, allowing judgments about microphone axis and ambient noises. This package includes (1) Comtek M216-P7 transmitter and (2) PR216 receivers. The M216-P7 features a short BNC antenna and 1/8″ stereo mini jack input. Both the M216-P7 and the PR216 can operate on one of 57 available channels between 216 MHz and 217 MHz selected via recessed rotary switches on the rear of the casing (accidental switching is impossible). Both receiver and transmitter operate on a 9V battery and include belt clip and carry pouch. The frequency agility of this system in the 216mHz band assures you of a clear channel, and allows receivers to be quickly changed for use with other transmitters.