Camera Audio Simplified

Camera Audio Simplified

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Product Description

You might be thinking that a book for camera operators written by a sound operator doesn’t really make sense. Unless you’re one of the thousands of camera operators who take great pictures but struggle with recording sound. If so, then this marriage makes a lot of sense and Camera Audio Simplified is what you’ve been searching for!

Dean Miles and Scot McDonald have teamed up to make learning location audio for camera operators easy. By tailoring Dean’s proven location audio techniques for the one-person camera crew, quality location sound is just a click away from being part of your video production arsenal. Camera Audio Simplified will have you recording audio that supports and enhances your awesome pictures. Written from a camera operators perspective, Scot makes sure the necessary audio techniques can be implemented into a camera operators shooting process and that recording sound makes sense to even the most stubborn audio neophyte!

Book Features:

  • Learn how to choose a location to best record sound
  • Learn about “sound elements” and how they are used in a stereo mix
  • Learn how to choose and use a camera-mounted mic
  • Calibrate the audio section of a video camera
  • Proper calibration and operating of a wireless system
  • Learn how to apply lavalier microphones – hidden and exposed techniques
  • DSLR’s  there are viable audio solutions!