Beyerdynamic MC 950

$549.00 USD

True Condenser Microphone (supercardioid)



  • True condenser microphone suitable for miking choirs, pianos or orchestras
  • The supercardioid MC 950 delivers neutral sound
  • Excellent gain-before feedback eliminating noises from the rear
  • Phantom powered and therefore nearly usable with any amplifier in studio or live situations and as installations
  • Made in Germany

MC 950

This true condenser microphone provides an enormous versatility due to its neutral sound and accurate design. The MC 950 is suitable as a main or spot microphone for miking choirs, piano / grand piano, organ, orchestras and most instruments. With the WS 101 wind shield, the MC 950 can be used for speech and vocals.

Phantom Power

The MC 950 is phantom powered (11 – 52 V) and therefore suitable for all live or studio applications and installations. Due to its supercardioid polar pattern, the MC 950 has an excellent gain-before-feedback and eliminates noise from the rear. It is not only a first-class tool for studios, but also for PA systems, where excellent sound and maximum gain-before-feedback are required.