Audio Ltd. SwitchiR Infrared Controller for miniTX

Audio Ltd. SwitchiR Infrared Controller for miniTX

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Product Description

The SwitchiR is an infrared controller for Audio Ltd. miniTX, TX2040 and HX2040.

With just four buttons, an LCD display and a simple menu system you can control all the user settable functions for the RMS2040 range of transmitters, including Off/On, frequency check and change, user identities and battery status.


  • Frequency check and change
  • Audio level – mic gain control on TX2040 – check and change
  • Low freq cut – On/Off set
  • Battery status of receiver/transmitter
  • Battery status of SwitchiR
  • Check 6LR61 type 9v batteries externally
  • Check serial number of unit
  • Check user identification
  • Infra red disable
  • Turn transmitter On/Off