AKG SE300B Blue Line Series Pre-Amp

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The AKG Blue Line Series consists of a family of directional prepolarized condenser capsules and microphone configurations that are all compatible with a single powering/output assembly. This is the SE300B pre-amp. The SE300B is a transformerless pre-amp. It includes a switchable bass cut filter and 10dB attenuation pad. The SE300B requires 9-52V phantom power.

When combined with the CK93 hypercardioid capsule this microphone is highly recommended for location sound recording . The response is very smooth and warm with excellent rejection of ambient sound. Blue Line capsules offer the following patterns: CK91 (cardioid), CK 92 (omnidirectional), CK 93 (hypercardioid), CK 94 (bidirectional), and CK 98 (shotgun capsule, high directivity).

The Blue Line Series is suitable for studio, live sound, and a variety of speech reinforcement applications, where the facility for switching capsules is a major advantage. The positive Modulock™ bayonet design allows these changes to be made quickly. The Blue Line microphones exhibit accurate axial response and uniform pattern control. Self noise and maximum operating levels are exemplary, creating a very wide usable dynamic range for the most demanding operations. The SE 300B powering/ output assembly provides for 10 dB of attenuation for operation at high sound pressure levels, as well as a 12 dB/octave low cut below 75 Hz for close usage.


  • Multiple directional capsules and configurations available on a standard powering/output module
  • Positive-action Modulock™ bayonet capsule mounting system
  • Capsule designs employ goldsputtered diaphragms
  • High sensitivity
  • High acoustic level capability


Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
Pad: 10db, switchable
Impedance: < 200 ohms
Recommended Impedance: > 1000 ohms
Filter Type: Low Freq Roll-off: 12 dB/octave at 75Hz
Connector: 3-pin XLR
Power: Consumption: <2mA
Supply: 9-52V phantom power to DIN 45596


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