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Sound Devices CL-8 Controller for 788T

Sound Devices CL-8 Controller for 788T
Weight 2.00 lbs
Price: US $1,221.00

The Sound Devices CL-8 is a companion mixing panel for the 788T (or 788T-SSD) digital hard disc recorder. The CL-8 provides rotary faders, high pass filters, limiters, polarity switching, and mute functions for each input. With the CL-8's associated firmware upgrade the 788T (or 788T-SSD) also adds two pre- or post- fader aux recording tracks for more versatile tracking needs. Above each fader are three buttons, one each for limiter, high-pass, and polarity. By pressing different combinations of these buttons, the user can route the channel to the left, right, aux 1, and aux 2 tracks. A slate mic function and headphone solos are also added.

The CL-8 is small. It adds just 1.65 inches to the recorders height and its just 2.25 inches deep, much less than the 788T (or 788T-SSD) in depth. The unit attaches to either the top or bottom of the recorder with included screw and post set. Connections between the CL-8 and 788T (or 788T-SSD) are via a common USB cable.

The CL-8 adds mixing capabilities for both cart and bag situations to an already capable, flexible, and user-friendly recorder.

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