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Remote Audio RS

Remote Audio RS
Price: US $129.99
  • Extremely compact unit allows easy placement anywhere.
  • Bi-colored LED provides visual low voltage warning.
  • Integral cable.

The RS is a small device with a lot of functionality when used with the BDSv3, MEONv2, HOT STRIP, or SHUNT BOX. It remotely switches connected devices ON/OFF and provides a low battery warning via bi-colored LED toggle. The toggle switch lights green until supplied power dips below a certain (user-selectable) voltage and the light shows red. The lightweight, yet rugged, powder coated aluminum chassis can withstand a lifetime of use. Its small size allows it to be placed virtually anywhere on a bag or cart.

The RS utilizes a six pin Lemo-style circular connector of the push-pull locking type, keyed so it can only be inserted one way. The RS connects to several products within the MEON Power Solutions line via a 24" integrally mounted cable.

To turn on the meter simply plug the meter into your power source and flip the RS's toggle switch to the "ON" position. The RS is small enough (.7"x.88"x1.7") to mount almost anywhere. (Velcro mounting strips included.)

Connector Type: Lemo-style 6-pin
Cable Length: 24 inches
Voltage Requirements: 9 - 20 VDC
Current Draw: ~20 mA
Dimensions: .7" x .88" x 1.7"
Remote Audio MEON LiFe Cart Power System
US $1,499.99