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Remote Audio HN-7506 High Noise Headset (HN7506)

Remote Audio HN-7506 High Noise Headset (HN7506)
SKU: REM HN7506>
Weight 1.75 lbs
Price: US $309.99
Remote Audio High Noise Headset with Sony MDR-7506 elements and special baffling installed.

These surprisingly comfortable phones have been a big hit for professionals who want to protect their ears while monitoring the quality of their recordings. Sealing off outside ambience by as much as 45dB, the HN-7506 is designed to sound like the industry standard Sony MDR-7506, and allows the switch from one to another without loss of monitoring standard and reliability.

Add the broadcast quality miniature dynamic boom mic option for an additional $115.
Remote Audio HN-7506 Replacement Gel-Fill Earpads
US $31.99